Our Funds

With over 40 years of investments in infrastructure, NTR is now applying that know-how for investment partners through the creation and management of private funds.  To date, through its funds, NTR manages wind, solar and energy storage projects in over 50 locations across seven European countries.

Our first fund, NTR Wind 1 LP, was launched in 2016 and its investment phase completed in 2018.  

Our second fund, NTR Renewable Energy Income Fund II, launched in 2018 and its investment period completed in 2022

Our third fund, the L&G NTR Clean Power (Europe) SCSp RAIF fund, is currently in its investment period.

For more information on our next sustainable investment opportunity and on our track record, please contact investors@ntrplc.com

NTR Wind 1 LP Fund

NTR Wind 1 LP Fund, the first NTR investment vehicle for third party investors, has wind projects operating across 26 locations throughout Ireland and the UK, producing enough clean energy to power circa 170,000 homes. Based on a construct and operate for life model, NTR has successfully built out a high performing fleet for its investors.

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NTR Renewable Energy Income Fund II

NTR Renewable Energy Income Fund II has invested in onshore wind, solar, and battery storage projects in Europe. With the final investment completed in 2022, a number of projects are operating and others are currently in construction. The fund’s projects span 24 locations across six European countries.

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L&G NTR Clean Power (Europe) SCSp RAIF

The L&G NTR Clean Power (Europe) SCSp RAIF fund combines the stewardship and institutional network of LGIM, one of Europe’s largest asset managers, with the sustainable infrastructure expertise of NTR to tackle the climate emergency. An Article 9 fund with sustainable goals as its objective, the fund provides an opportunity for investors to deploy capital into clean energy projects that will drive Europe’s renewable energy transition. The fund invests in the development, construction and operation of wind, solar and energy storage assets, aiming to offer exposure to a diversified portfolio of proven technologies across a number of European countries.

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