28 August 2023

NTR Launches 2023 ESG Report

Dublin,  August 28,  2023: NTR has released it’s fifth voluntary annual ESG report which outlines our continued approach to ensuring ESG best practise is part of everything we do as a business. It is a comprehensive evaluation process with more than 30 distinct ESG metrics including CO2 emissions displacement, safety and community engagement. The report covers our activities in the 12-month period to March 2023, including our enhanced approach to screening for ESG risks and opportunities in our investment process as well as approach to supply chain management. We have had many ESG achievements over the year which are highlighted in our case studies. 

To note some of the key takeaways which include a total of 200,000 tonnes of carbon emissions displaced, over 1.2 GW of clean power produced, more than €4.5 million paid to community funds and local authorities and zero reportable accidents and environmental events in a period of unprecedented construction activity. To read the 2023 report in full, access the link HERE

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