15 April 2016

€131.8 million paid out to NTR plc Shareholders by way of Redemption

NTR plc announces today that its redemption programme which extended over four months was successfully completed today with the payment to shareholders of over €131.8 million for the redemption of 58.6 million shares at a redemption price of €2.25 per share.

Dreamport, the investment vehicle of the Roche family, had previously elected not to take part in the redemption programme, with a result that Dreamport now holds 96.1% of the share capital of the newly formed NTR plc. Some 400 additional shareholders retain the remaining 3.9% share capital of the Company.

NTR plc has in recent months announced the successful closing of a €250 million wind fund to invest in, construct and manage onshore wind assets. An additional €79 million of project debt financing has more recently been secured to finance two wind projects, Ora More wind farm in Northern Ireland and Quixwood Moor wind farm in Scotland.

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