Our Team

We have an exceptionally strong inter-disciplinary management team with deep sectoral knowledge and connectivity in our investment sectors.

  • Rosheen McGuckian
    Rosheen McGuckian Chief Executive Officer
  • Marie Joyce
    Marie Joyce Chief Operations Officer & Chief Financial Officer
  • Anthony Doherty
    Anthony Doherty Chief Investment Officer
  • Nicola Baker
    Nicola Baker Office Manager / Assistant Company Secretary
  • Darragh Brennan
    Darragh Brennan Corporate Finance Manager
  • Caroline Browne
    Caroline Browne Senior Financial Accountant
  • Sharon Crowley
    Sharon Crowley Finance Operations Manager
  • Joe Dalton
    Joe Dalton Asset Management Director
  • Augustin de Fautereau
    Augustin de Fautereau Solar Asset Manager
  • Ailbhe Elliott
    Ailbhe Elliott Head of Finance
  • Alejandro Fernández de la Reguera Benítez
    Alejandro Fernández de la Reguera Benítez Asset Manager
  • Nick Forster
    Nick Forster Head of Structured Finance
  • Kevin Harrington
    Kevin Harrington Associate Director, Asset Management
  • Kevin Haughey
    Kevin Haughey Investment Analyst
  • Michael Hickey
    Michael Hickey Financial Accountant
  • Áine Higgins
    Áine Higgins ESG & Risk Manager
  • Lisa Hoffmann
    Lisa Hoffmann Receptionist & Office Administrator
  • Arnaud Ibanez
    Arnaud Ibanez Senior Investment Manager
  • Francisco Javier del Rio de Pablo
    Francisco Javier del Rio de Pablo Associate Director – Power Sales Europe
  • Fiona Kavanagh
    Fiona Kavanagh Finance Manager
  • Siobhan Keane
    Siobhan Keane Accounts Payable Manager/Assistant Accountant
  • Gonzalo Laserna
    Gonzalo Laserna Program Manager
  • Liam Lyng
    Liam Lyng Associate Director, Construction
  • Louise Markey
    Louise Markey Manager - Banking & Investor Reporting
  • Tim McGovern
    Tim McGovern Finance Analyst
  • Claire McAteer
    Claire McAteer Investment Analyst
  • Eamonn Medley
    Eamonn Medley Business Development Director
  • Ayo Olabimtan
    Ayo Olabimtan Investment Manager
  • David O’Leary
    David O’Leary Program Manager
  • Hugh O'Leary
    Hugh O'Leary Senior Investment Associate
  • John Pollard
    John Pollard Investment Manager
  • Matthew Reast
    Matthew Reast Manager - Investment Analytics
  • Karina Ronan
    Karina Ronan Asset Manager
  • Kevin Ryan
    Kevin Ryan Director - Investments
  • Brian Tiernan
    Brian Tiernan Senior Investment Associate
  • David Todd
    David Todd Associate Asset Manager
  • Ross Victory
    Ross Victory Investment Analyst