Environmental, Social & Governance


NTR takes a responsible investment approach to investment analysis, investment decision making and managing our sustainable infrastructure assets.  

Underpinning our commitment to ESG, NTR is a signatory to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment.


Monitoring of equivalent numbers of houses powered by green power (i.e. displacement of fossil fuel power)

Comprehensive safety policies and safety management programmes on site for NTR and its subcontractors

Robust governance framework, board structures, committees.

Environmental compliance and waste management on site (e.g. spills, run-offs, etc.)

Community engagement and community benefits policy is central to our long-term asset management approach

Remuneration according to good practice benchmarks

Protection of habitat and natural environment during construction and over the long-term

NTR Foundation is an independent charitable foundation established to address climate change and resource sustainability

Corporate sustainability oversight and risk management