NTR's Greenstar Presents Environmental Goals to EPA

December 03 2009

NTR plc, the international renewable energy group, today announced that its sustainable waste management business, Houston-based Greenstar North America, has been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a goal setter in its Climate Leaders Program.  Greenstar, North America’s fastest growing recycling company, set a goal for a 10 percent emissions reduction at its 15 recycling facilities within the next five years.  The EPA made the announcement at its Climate Leaders Conference today in Washington D.C.

“Greenstar is committed to reducing emissions and preserving the environment,” commented Mike Wynne, CEO of Greenstar North America and Chair of Greenstar Boards.  “We are honored to participate in the EPA’s Climate Leaders Program and highlight the impact that recycling can have on combating climate change.”

“We applaud Greenstar North America for setting a goal to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions,” said Susan Wickwire, Chief of EPA’s Energy Supply and Industry Branch.  “As a Climate Leaders partner, they’re proving that they can be both industry leaders, and leaders in the fight against climate change.”

As a part of the program, Greenstar has calculated its current emissions levels and has identified efficiency projects within its operations that can decrease the use of energy.  Greenstar’s current emissions levels are below the mandatory reporting level of 25,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MTCO2E) at all of its individual facilities, so it will not be mandated to report its emissions to the EPA every year.  Instead, the company is voluntarily reporting its emissions levels and voluntarily committing to a 10 percent reduction. 

At the EPA’s Climate Leaders Conference, Greenstar is highlighting the environmental benefits of recycling.  Sara Conte, Director of Corporate Development for Greenstar will participate in an industry case study that will discuss the emissions reductions achieved by recycling paper.  The study will demonstrate how emissions are saved across the business value chain with insight from Greenstar (paper recycler), Boise Paper (paper mill) and Staples (paper retailer). 

According to the EPA, 83 million tons of paper is generated every year in America with 45 percent still ending up in landfills.  For every million tons of paper recycled, 3.5 million MTCO2E of emissions are saved – the equivalent to taking 840,000 cars off the road.

Recycling is still one of the best, most cost-effective ways to combat climate change. Greenstar is referencing McKinsey’s 2009 study, “Pathways to a Low Carbon Economy”, in its EPA case study. McKinsey highlighted recycling as one of the activities that not only has significant abatement potential, but will pay for itself over time through reduced energy consumption.  Recycling was placed in the same category as changing to efficient light bulbs and properly insulating your home.

Annually, Greenstar recycles two million tons of recyclables.  Based on EPA estimates, Greenstar is reducing emissions by approximately six million MTCO2E per year, or the equivalent to:


About NTR plc

NTR plc, the international renewable energy group, builds and runs green energy and resource-sustaining businesses. Founded in 1978, NTR has evolved from being a developer and operator of infrastructure in Ireland to an international developer and operator of renewable energy (wind, solar and ethanol) and sustainable waste management businesses in the USA, UK, and Ireland. The company employs over 4,100 people.

About Greenstar North America

Greenstar is America’s fastest growing recycling company backed by one of the world’s largest private recycling companies.  Greenstar provides sustainable recycling solutions in the recycle processing, commodity upgrading and commodity trading sector of the solid waste market.  Greenstar entered the U.S. market in 2007 and quickly established a platform for growth by partnering with some of the leading companies in the industry.  The company handles two million tons per year of recyclables through a network of 15 processing facilities. 

About Climate Leaders

Climate Leaders is an EPA industry-government partnership that works with companies to develop comprehensive climate change strategies. Partner companies commit to reducing their impact on the global environment by completing a corporate-wide inventory of their greenhouse gas emissions based on a quality management system, setting aggressive reduction goals, and annually reporting their progress to EPA. Through program participation, companies create a credible record of their accomplishments and receive EPA recognition as corporate environmental leaders.
For more information visit www.epa.gov/climateleaders


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