Investor Relations

NTR is an Irish public limited company. Its shares are not listed on any stock exchange, but may be traded via the company's stockbrokers.

Shares In Issue*: Current Share Price: Market Capitalisation:
97,672,903 €2.60 253.9 (€millions)

* subscribed and paid up.

Shareholder Communications Policy

NTR PLC aims to keep all shareholders informed on a regular basis of its activities, its financial status and its strategies.

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NTR plc Statement Regarding Shareholder Agreement : September 12 2014

Dublin, September 12, 2014:  The Board of NTR plc notes that three of its principal shareholders, Woodford Capital,  One51 plc and Pageant Holdings Ltd, who collectively own 71.5% of NTR’s issued share capital, have come to an agreement with regards to their holdings in NTR.

: September 12 2014

NTR plc will make a public statement in the afternoon of Friday 12th September, 2014.  The Company has asked its supporting brokers to communicate this to any persons proposing to trade in NTR shares, as no trades should be undertaken until the statement has been published.

Extracts of Comments by Chairman of NTR plc & Poll Results from AGM, 4th September, 2014 : September 04 2014

Statement - NTR plc:   Extracts of comments by Tom Roche, Chairman, NTR plc, at the company’s AGM in Dublin today, 4th September 2014.